Errors in the care of plants that lead to diseases

Poor care or lack of proper information can cause your normally beautiful and lush plants to start getting sick. The most common mistakes are the exaggerated doses we give our plants, but there are other mistakes you should avoid to keep your plants in perfect condition.

Environmental pollution

The fumes, ash and exhaust gases cause chlorosis (the tips of the leaves turn yellow), burns on the leaves and death of the tissues. If you have no choice but to place the plant in an area with these environmental factors, choose species resistant to industrial fumes and pollution, such as oleander (Nerium oleander).


Insufficient watering also causes chlorosis, which makes the plant wilt and dries out the flowers. In turn, excess water in the soil causes rot of the roots and the foot of the plant. The common rules for good watering are: low watering for slow growing plants and good drainage for more sensitive plants.

The pH of the soil

When the substrate has an inadequate pH we observe that the plants have a slow growth, insufficient flowering and chlorosis. You can prevent this by regularly checking the pH.

Nutritional elements

Excess or lack of elements such as iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium or nitrogen can lead to dwarfism or overdevelopment, and increased sensitivity to diseases created by fungi. A correct fertilization will avoid these dysfunctions.


When we expose our plants to excessive sun or when they lack light, the plants usually react with yellowing, wilt, dark spots, small or dry leaves, stopped flowering or too long stems. The solution is to move the plants to a suitable location or provide additional shade or lighting in a greenhouse.


Too high or too low a temperature is another pathogenic factor. Yellowish leaves, reddish spots, wrinkled or broken leaves, stem decay, etc. appear. To alleviate this effect, choose a more suitable location for the plant or select the right species for the site.

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