Goodbye to mealybugs

Mealybugs are one of the most common pests that we can find in our plants, affecting them, giving them an ugly appearance and covering them with molasses, a sugary liquid in which fungi such as bold develop. Here are some tips to help you eliminate them from your plants.

Mealybugs are very small insects that are one of the most common pests on many plants. Male mealybugs have a short life span, lasting only as long as necessary for copulation, while the females remain motionless on the plant, sticking their beaks into it to feed on the sap. Once fertilized, they surround themselves with protection and shelter the larvae next to their body, which dies after the eggs are laid.

From the eggs, deposited in large numbers, the larvae quickly emerge and spread throughout the plant before becoming adults, which are fixed and lose their mobility.

The mealybugs not only harm the plants, because they feed on them, but also secrete a sugary liquid (molasses) which is a focus of fungi, also harmful to the life of the plant, as it usually develops bold, which reduces the capacity of photosynthesis, and can drown the plant.

They are difficult to eliminate, because when they feel attacked they adhere strongly to the tissue of the plant and, in addition, they are protected by their shells. They can be combated by using insecticides that ‘poison’ the plant by creating a sap that is toxic to the insect, called systematic insecticides, or by using oily products that, by covering the insect, suffocate it.

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