Hardyp lants that resist everything (or almost)

When looking for hardy houseplants, the less gardening-minded look for plants that are tough and can handle anything.

There are more on the market than you can imagine, but we recommend these 6 that are the strongest:



Very resistant in luminous interiors. In groups of various heights it is ideal for decoration. Its woody trunk and dry appearance contrasts with its green shoots. Elongated and pointed leaves are usually rough looking.


Compact rounded and dense shrub with large webbed leaves. Its ornamental interest lies in its leaves, which decorate the garden all year round. It is used alone.


Perennial bush, from Asia. It has wide, bright green leaves and red fruits. It is decorative for its leaves more than for its fruits. It adapts to almost all types of soils, preferring acidic and fresh soils. It needs a shady place, since it does not resist the direct sun, supporting temperatures below 0ÂșC. It is used mainly for outdoor use.


Rhizomatous plant from Japan grown worldwide as a houseplant. Its main attraction is its hard and large green leaves. It reproduces through its rhizome dividing the bushes into parts containing two or three leaves.


Fast-growing indoor tree. It requires a lot of light so that leaves do not fall and take on a darker color. Rigid green leaves. They stand heat well.


Very popular plant because of the opening of the leaves on the sides. Large in size, it needs space and soil for its development. Very resistant, they make of it to be very used in places of little care. Needs tutoring.

In general all these are large-leafed, perennial plants so they will not pose a problem. The only care that has to be taken is when placing them, find a bright place for them, near a window or a skylight, avoiding drafts and sudden changes in temperature.

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