Errors in the care of plants that lead to diseases

Poor care or lack of proper information can cause your normally beautiful and lush plants to start getting sick. The most common mistakes are the exaggerated doses we give our plants, but there are other mistakes you should avoid to keep your plants in perfect condition. Environmental pollution The fumes, ash and exhaust gases cause […]

Control the enemies in your garden now

The cabbage caterpillar (Pieris brassicae) can devour a swede, celery, brussels sprouts, etc. in a few days, although the truth is that its favourite delicacy is cabbage (Brassica oleracea). In April, not only these caterpillars, which you can fight with biological pyrethroids, are a scourge in the garden, but also all these pests that have […]

Main pests and diseases of autumn

The weather is very conducive to the activity of many pests and diseases. The humidity and the still benign average temperatures (neither cold nor hot), encourage all these uncomfortable visitors to gnaw and dry out the species in the garden. Cabbage caterpillars Cabbage caterpillars, for example, have an endemic pest, the cabbage caterpillar (Pieris brassicae) […]