The 8 best plants to ward off mosquitoes

Mosquitoes can become one of the great nightmares of summer. Insecticides, repellents, mosquito nets… any method of prevention is useful if we want to avoid being bitten by these insects. Plants can also help us keep them away.

With summer comes heat, holidays, ice cream… but also annoying mosquitoes.

At home we can protect ourselves from them by putting mosquito nets on the windows. We also use insecticides both in spray and connected to the light, and we put on mosquito repellent bracelets so that they don’t want to come near us.

Although there are also natural methods such as plants that repel mosquitoes.

Which plants are natural mosquito repellents?

If you prefer to avoid insecticides and other chemicals to keep mosquitoes away, you can try natural repellent plants. Besides the fact that they can get rid of annoying bites, they can also add a touch of color and scent to your room.

Basil: The intense aroma of basil not only spices up your dishes or creates a special atmosphere in your home, but also keeps mosquitoes out. You can keep it in a pot and also spread some of its leaves in certain corners.

Rosemary: having rosemary at home, besides being very useful because of the many properties it has, also repels mosquitoes. The smell of rosemary will invite them away from your house. And if you are going out and you don’t want them to come near you, you can also crush some leaves and rub them over your body so that the aroma stays on your skin.

Lavender: the essence of lavender, widely used in cosmetics and perfumery, is not one that insects like most, especially fleas, flies and mosquitoes. Having lavender plants in your home or garden will help you keep these unpleasant guests away.

Citronella: Most products used as mosquito repellents contain citronella oil because of its effectiveness.

It is a plant that gives off a rather strong smell and is quite unpleasant for mosquitoes, so you can plant it in a pot or in your garden and you will prevent mosquitoes from coming near it.

Melissa: Besides being a plant used to make relaxing infusions, the lemon aroma of melissa also keeps mosquitoes away. If you want your plant to intensify its aroma, it is advisable to place the pots a little high and in full sun.

Mint: Mint is also useful for scaring off mosquitoes and can also serve as a soother in case you suffer one of their bites. By rubbing a leaf on your skin, you will feel the discomfort of the irritation.

Feverfew: This is a medicinal plant that can be used for digestive problems, to lower fever and also to keep mosquitoes away. You can put a plant in the entrance of your house or near the windows and, if you also put it together with other natural repellents such as lavender, your home will be insurmountable for these annoying insects.

Thyme: Another plant that is very useful to have in your home is thyme. Not only because it can be a very tasty condiment for your dishes, but also because it can be a great ally in repelling mosquitoes. Place the plant near the windows and at night pour some sprayed water on it to intensify its aroma.

With the arrival of summer and the increase in temperatures, mosquitoes proliferate and although their bites are annoying for everyone, some people can suffer significant allergic reactions. That is why it is important to have the necessary repellents to prevent them from biting us and you will find natural ones in the plants.

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