Who are our allies in the garden

With the arrival of spring our gardens are full of life. The wonderful flowers that begin to bloom live with insects and birds that are often considered as enemies of our plants. However, many of them are our allies in the fight against the main plagues in an ecological way.

Contrary to what you might think, many birds, insects and worms encourage pollination, improve the substrates and fight the most common pests in our garden. It is important to recognize which are our allies to favor their presence. In this way, we will minimize the use of phytosanitary and auxiliary products, which will minimize both the economic expense and our impact on the environment.

Who are our main allies?

Ladybirds (Coccinella sp.): these friendly insects are the main predators of aphids and mealybugs. In fact, in agricultural production areas, massive releases are made as a method of biological control of these pests.

CrisopaCrisopas (Chrysoperla sp.): are insects that are characterized by their transparent wings. They are insects widely used in biological pest control because they are predators of mites, aphids and aphids. Recently, successful results have been obtained in the control of rose aphids through lacewings.

Bees: bees in general, and especially honeybees, are essential for pollination to take place. As we commented in a previous post, in recent years a decrease in the populations of these insects has been detected, which directly affects food production and the balance of ecosystems in general. By ensuring the presence of bees and other pollinators we will achieve abundant harvests of our fruit and vegetables.

Earthworms: The presence of earthworms in the soil of our garden is an indicator that we have a healthy substrate. Earthworms are responsible for decomposing organic matter, making nutrients such as nitrogen available to plants. In addition, by digging tunnels they facilitate the aeration of the soil.

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